About Us

At Leviathan we make sure to help our clients find the right place for them, being either an apartment, store, or office. Leviathan is here to assist you as REAL ESTATE ADVISORS in NYC. We know what it takes to secure a place here in NYC and want to make sure it is as seamless and simple as possible. We can assist in multiple ways, with helping finding a place, making sure it is the right location and fit, and most importantly making sure our customer service is outstanding. We live to make sure you are a local.

Where we came from

Leviathan Leasing was built through honesty, hustle, and the desire to make renting an apartment more enjoyable than stressful. The CEO, Yaron Cohen, started his position for a family office located in queens, handling over 100 apartments in his first year. After 2 years of learning the Landlords side to leasing an apartment, Yaron grew his footprint and started to exclusively represent the original family and many more. By understanding the Landlord's perspective, it became much easier for Yaron to cater to his clients. He knew what was possible and if it is feasible. He then started putting his focus on the Renters, making sure they loved what they looked at, and never settled because they were pressed with time, or couldn't find what they wanted. As the Yaron’s clientele has grown more than he can handle, Josh Dilamani was introduced to help Yaron satisfy his Renters. Yaron and Josh grew their footprint in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens and developed the company Leviathan Leasing. The company's motto is to help our clients “LIVE LIKE A LOCAL”. With full exposure to both sides of the spectrum on how to rent an apartment in NYC, both Yaron and Josh have tremendous experience.
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Where we are

As a company we like to make sure to make it work and for all parties to be more than happy. We hope to cater to our clients by understanding what they are looking for, when their desire move in date is, and being accessible at all times of the day will make it easy and seamless for any renter to reach out and find the apartment they love. Today Leviathan Leasing is continuing to grow and will start having events for all future and existing clients. We want to grow a community and share the Love of Leviathan Leasing.

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Where we're going

Leviathan Leasing is pushing to grow to make the process of finding apartments seamless and easy. We want our agents to understand their clients, provide and take care of your worries. We want to cover everything from finding an apartment you love, to movers, internet providers, insurance, and even the local entertainment to be able to “LIVE LIKE A LOCAL”. We, Will, strive to make sure the apartment is cleaned and painted IF NOT we will make sure to cover the cost. We are working on creating a community between our clients and having monthly events at local bars/restaurants. In the near future, we hope to develop a community app between everyone we have leased to and create a platform to get in contact and have a live feed of our community. For our brokers and agents: we want to provide a trustworthy leasing platform, that is not here to “STEAL” your money, rather provide a fair marketing website that does not eat at your wallet. We hope to cater to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx, and work on marketing to make sure every agent generates enough traffic. We will be a seamless simple website that is looking for agents who only have exclusives or a GOOD GRIP of the units they advertise. Leviathan Leasing wants to create a trustworthy brokerage community where we work together on getting apartments rented. We hope to develop a questionnaire to help understand what will allow our brokers to market their spaces.